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November 2021-It’s National Animal Shelter Appreciation Month!

Give thanks! Every year the Humane Society of the United States celebrates National Animal Shelter Appreciation Month. Animal shelters serve many purposes including animal rescue from neglect or cruelty, animal adoption, reuniting lost animals with their families, vaccine clinics, spay/neuter clinics, and so much more!
Elk Grove has its own animal shelter that provides some of these services as well. The Elk Grove Animal Shelter, located on Union Park Way, is open Tuesday through Sunday for adoptions. In addition to adoptions and Lost & Found services, they also have great volunteer opportunities. Love dogs but can’t own one? Sign up for their “Doggy Day Out” and volunteer to walk and play with dogs while they wait for their forever home. Want a 4 legged friend, but not sure if you’re ready to adopt yet? Sign up to be a foster and temporarily care for an animal while it waits to get big enough or healthy enough to go up for adoption. There are so many great ways to get involved!

Looking for other ways to help? The shelter is currently accepting the following donations:
• Dog/Cat Toys
• Dog/Cat Treats
• Martingale Collars
• Stainless steel food/water bowls
• Plastic cat carriers (top loading especially)
• Large Kongs
• Inflatable E-Collars (donut cones)


Scan me to be directed to the Elk Grove Animal Shelter website where you can check for adoptable pets, volunteer opportunities, or updates to their “Wish List”:

Be sure to download our Pet Desk app and opt into our rewards program, “The Kittel Club”! Here, you can review your pet’s reminders, request and cancel appointments, and more!

Some Changes about Online Pharmacies…

We’ve changed our online pharmacy from VetSource to Covetrus. This change allows us to better align our patient’s online prescriptions with their medical records. Just like with VetSource, Covetrus is fully accredited, and all medications and foods bought online through our Covetrus pharmacy carry the same manufacturer guarantees as if they were purchased direct from our office. Promo codes will get emailed out 2-3 times monthly, allowing you to save on your pet’s food and medication. Shipping is still free for orders over $49 and delivery takes on average 3-5 days, which is faster than we were able to offer with VetSource.

Auto-ships and refills still active on VetSource will continue to arrive as scheduled until they run out of refills. At that point, new prescriptions and additional refills will be placed through our Covetrus pharmacy.

Along with this change over to Covetrus, our office is being more proactive about online prescriptions received from outside online pharmacies. With the increase in fraudulent products being sold and problems with products not being stored or handled correctly, we feel strongly that prescriptions should be purchased through a reputable pharmacy that guarantees the safety of their products, like our Covetrus pharmacy. When we receive faxed prescription requests from other outside pharmacies (ie: 1800PetMeds, Chewy, or Allivet), our office will email you a prescription through our online pharmacy just to make sure you know what your options are for securing safe and reliable products through our pharmacy instead. If you still want to place an order for your pet’s food or medication elsewhere, just follow the directions in the email we send you and contact our office; our staff will work on getting your prescription processed through the pharmacy of your choosing.

Please note that prescriptions placed with an outside pharmacy may take up to 48 hours to be processed, so our staff kindly asks you to plan ahead and make sure you arrange for refills before running out of the products your pet needs.

COVID Updates:

Our lobby is OPEN! But, we’re still practicing curbside-care for those who wish to remain outside. Even though our lobby is open, we are still asking everyone arriving for an appointment to call us from outside so we can get you checked in. Our waiting room is small, so calling from outside allows us to cycle people through at reduced numbers.
Masks are REQUIRED by ALL who enter, regardless of your COVID vaccine status.

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