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July 2021 – National Lost Pet Prevention & Hydration Month

Now that we have reached the summertime we all want to spend more time outside! With the high heats, however, it’s important to keep your pet hydrated. There are things we can do to help prevent our furry friends from heatstroke and dehydration such as keeping fresh water out for them at all times and keeping them in a cool environment. Below are some similarities and differences between heat stroke and dehydration:

If you think your pet may be experiencing heat stroke you should take them to an emergency hospital right away, as it can quickly worsen and cause death.

July is also National Lost Pet Prevention month. Being outside more often, 4th of July Fireworks, and many other factors can cause our pets to get out and get lost. If your pet does get out, taking the proper precautions can help ensure their speedy return to you:

  • Keep a tag on them with your information.
  • Microchipping is an incredibly useful tool in keeping track of our pets. If your pet is microchipped, make sure to update your information as needed.
  • A rabies tag is also beneficial in tracking down lost pets. Did you know we can search our records by the pet’s rabies tag number? If someone finds your pet with their rabies tag on, they can contact us and we can search for them in our system to help bring your pet home.
  • Be sure to download our Pet Desk app and opt into our rewards program, “The Kittel Club”! Here, you can review your pet’s reminders, request and cancel appointments, and more!

    You can also check out the Pupstanding app to help you in your journey in raising a new puppy in safe, fun, and manageable ways!

    You can check out our website at www.kittelfamilyvet.com and also find us on Facebook and Twitter

    Our lobby is finally OPEN! But, we’re still practicing curbside care for those who wish to remain outside. Even though our lobby is open, we are still asking everyone arriving for an appointment to call us from outside so we can get you checked in. Our waiting room is small, so calling from outside allows us to cycle people through at reduced numbers. Masks are REQUIRED by ALL who enter, regardless of your COVID vaccine status.

    Please be aware that our wait times continue to be longer than normal. Please bring something to entertain yourself with while you wait outside; you are NOT allowed to leave the parking lot unless you’re scheduled for that type of appointment. Use the time outside to download our new PetDesk app and join our Loyalty Program!

    Scan me for the Save This Life Microchip website, where you can access your pet’s microchip information and make sure your information is up to date:

    Scan me for a video on how to check if your pet is dehydrated:

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