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  • March - Household Dangers
    March is Pet Poison Prevention Month The picture shows common household poisons to watch out for. Being aware of them is a great first step in pet poison prevention. Pet-proofing your Read more
  • April - Heartworm Prevention
    Summer is fast-approaching, and that means you and our furry friends are spending more time outside. Staying up to date on your pet’s annual heartworm testing and keeping them on Read more
  • A trip to Kittel Family Vet shouldn't stress your pet out
    In a survey of pet owners, results indicated that the stress of taking your pet to the veterinarian’s office was a major reason for not seeking veterinary care. Your pet Read more
  • It's More Than Just Bad Breath
    It’s just Dog and Cat Breath. What’s all the Fuss About? Do you ever turn your nose up to your pet’s breath? Is it hard to sit next to them with Read more
  • Guidelines for Selecting a Pet
    SELECTING A PET – GUIDELINES   Seeking guidance before obtaining a new pet can prevent many behavior and health problemsin pets. Such a consultation will help you select the best pet for the Read more
  • LEPTOSPIROSIS (Lepto): It’s in your backyard!
    Contrary to many other things we vaccinate our patients against, Lepto is a bacterial infection rather than a virus.  Yet, vaccination is still an effective way to protect our pets Read more
  • Your Pet’s Body Language: Ladder of Fear/Agression
    Working in the field of veterinary medicine, our staff is familiar with how important body language can be for us to understand and diagnose our patients properly, who can’t just Read more
  • Hazards To Your Pets
    Household Items/Medications Ibuprofen and aspirinAcetominophenCold and flu medsVitaminsDiet pills“People” drugs/medicationsTobaccproductsDetergentsFabric softenerDrain cleanersOven cleaner spraysDisinfectantsBleachLime/scale removerPaint thinnersLighter fluidInsecticidesFlea and tick productsRodent baitMothballsFly baitLeadLiquid potpourriHarmful Foods ChocolateGum and candy (especially “sugar free”)GrapesRaisinsMacadamia NutsAvocadosOnionsGarlicSaltTea leavesCoffeeAlcoholic beveragesRaw Read more
  • Holiday Hazards
    December has been labeled the official “Safe Toys and Gifts Month” for all the members of your family – kids and pets especially!  Regardless of whether you celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, Read more
  • Your Pet’s Body Language: Signs of Pain
    [Click Here for Larger Image] As discussed in our March newsletter, “Your Pet’s Body Language: Signs of Fear/Aggression”, our staff understands how important body language can be when we are trying to Read more