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COVID-19 Update

RHDV Rabbit Vaccine News

COVID-19 Update (9/1/2021):

Our lobby is OPEN, but we’re still practicing curbside-care for those who wish to remain outside.

Even though our lobby is open, we are still asking everyone arriving for an appointment to call us from outside so we can get you checked in. Our waiting room is small, so calling from outside allows us to cycle people through at reduced numbers. Masks are REQUIRED by ALL who enter, regardless of your COVID vaccine status.

Please be aware that our wait times continue to be longer than normal. Please bring something to entertain yourself with while you wait outside; you are NOT allowed to leave the parking lot unless you’re scheduled for that type of appointment. Use the time outside to download our new PetDesk app and join our Loyalty Program:

Please know we are doing our best to provide the same great care our clients and patients are used to getting, all while seeing increased numbers of patients daily. While we recognize these are stressful and trying times, we ask that you treat all members of our staff with the respect and kindness they deserve!

Please read below for the guidelines our office will be following to keep our staff & neighbors safe…

1) Clients here for an appointment will still need to call to check-in from outside so a member of our staff can come out & escort them inside once their exam room is ready. Anyone who enters an exam room will be asked to wash their hands once inside. Please do not wear gloves to your appointment.
2) For everyone’s safety, our staff is not allowed to come to work if they have any signs of illness/sickness, or have been around anyone else who has been sick.
3) For everyone’s safety, we ask that if our clients are sick at all, they reschedule their appointment or ask someone else who is not sick to bring their pet to its appointment. Anyone who is sick, especially with a fever or cough, WILL NOT be allowed to enter our office.
4) Since we are a hospital, we already use medical-grade disinfectants (that kill the coronavirus) to clean our office. And, because our patients tend to be hairy & dirty, we clean often throughout the day. We’re cleaning our office multiple times a day, more than usual, and we thoroughly disinfect each night before closing.
5) Since our lobby is small, you may be asked to wait outside in order to allow for social distancing.
6) We will continue to check-out and charge-out our clients over the phone.
7) We continue to offer drop-off appointments as our kennel space allows, but there is an additional charge for this service.
8) If you need to drop something off or pick something up, including your pet, call us from your car and our staff can come out to you.
9) We continue to use our online pharmacy, VetSource, to offer home delivery of your pet’s food, supplies, and medications. Purina products can be ordered for home delivery direct through our VetDirect link on our website.
10) Only owners of pets who are scheduled for a drop-off, or owners of pets that are admitted to the hospital, may leave the premises after their pet is checked in. If your pet is here for a regular appointment, we ask that you remain in the parking lot until your pet is done and ready to go home. Owners who leave the premises slow our process down. Animals left with us have to be put in a cage while we wait for their owners to return, and a “cage-use” fee will be added to the pet’s invoice for the day.

RHDV Rabbit Vaccine News:

We have the MedGene RHDV vaccines in stock and are vaccinating rabbits. Please be sure to contact our office if you would like to schedule your rabbit(s) to be vaccinated.