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March – Household Dangers

March is Pet Poison Prevention Month


The picture shows common household poisons to watch out for. Being aware of them is a great first step in pet poison prevention. Pet-proofing your house from these toxins can also go a long way. Some examples include:

1. Make sure to store dangerous household cleaners such as bleach out of reach.

2. Medicines, shampoo, suntan lotions, and other personal care items can kill your pet. Make sure they cannot get to them.

3. Store garden tools and chemicals securely, making sure to keep any sheds locked uptight.

4. Many houseplants such as spider plants and elephant ear plants are poisonous to pets. Remove them or keep them out of reach of pets.


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For most services, we’re still practicing curbside-care, where our staff comes outside to you. Please be sure to call us any time you arrive outside the office so we know you’re here and can get you taken care of.

Starting Monday 3/1, we are now allowing a limited numbers of clients to enter our office to be present for their pet’s examination by the veterinarian. Clients who enter the office MUST be escorted in by a staff member, wear a mask, social distance while inside, and wash their hands upon entry. Please understand that our policies may change with short notice depending on what California’s COVID phases/restrictions allow. We hope to fully re-open our doors as usual in the near future.

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