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In case you missed it, Dr. Teresa Plagman joined our "family" as a regular
Associate Veterinarian in November 2020.  She works alongside Dr. Kittel to provide excellent care to our patients.  We're hopeful that the addition of Dr. Plagman to our "family" will allow our schedule to be less impacted this year, making it easier for our clients to have their pets seen when needed.  We've been scheduling patients out farther into the future than normal and are only able to accept a limited number of new clients.  We remain committed to taking care of as many patients as we can each day, while still ensuring we deliver quality care.  Our patients' health is our top priority so we continue to triage our work load as best as we can in order to get the more urgent cases in to see us as timely as possible.  We appreciate your understanding if we are not able to schedule
you an appointment as early as you would like to be seen.

May's Rabbit News:  We're in the process of importing more Eravac RHDV vaccines from Spain, so please contact our office if you have rabbits you want to have vaccinated!

COVID-19 Update (5/5/2021):

Veterinarians are considered an essential service
needed to ensure the health of animals and the community, so 
we currently remain
open for our regular business hours.

For most services, we're still practicing curbside-care, where our staff comes outside to you. 
Since March we have been allowing a limited numbers of clients to enter our office to be present for their pet's examination by the veterinarian.   Please understand that our policies may change with short notice depending on what California's COVID phases/restrictions allow.  We hope to fully re-open our doors as usual in the near future.

Please read below for the guidelines our office will be following to keep our staff & neighbors safe...

1) Currently we are limiting clients allowed to enter our office to owners of patients that are scheduled for an appointment with the veterinarian only.  To ensure proper social distancing, only 1 owner per pet may enter the office, with a maximum of 2 people present for appointments with more than 2 pets.  Clients here for an appointment will still need to call to check-in from outside so a member of our staff can come out & escort them in to their exam room.  Anyone who enters the office must bring their own mask to wear while they are inside, and they will be asked to wash their hands once inside their exam room.  Please do not wear gloves to your appointment.

2) Regardless of the reason for your visit, we ask that everyone arriving at our office calls us from outside so we can get you taken care of properly.

3) For everyone's safety, our staff is not allowed to come to work if they have any signs of illness/sickness, or have been around anyone else who has been sick.   

4) For everyone's safety, we ask that if our clients are sick at all, they reschedule their appointment or ask someone else who is not sick to bring their pet to its appointment.  Anyone who is sick, especially with a fever or cough, WILL NOT be allowed to enter our office.

5) Since we are a hospital, we already use medical-grade disinfectants (that kill the coronavirus) to clean our office. And, because our patients tend to be hairy & dirty, we clean often throughout the day.  We're cleaning our office, multiple times a day, more than usual, and we thoroughly disinfect each night before closing.

6) Our reception area and lobby remains closed to clients.  Clients will be asked to wait outside while their pet's care is completed inside.  We will continue to check-out and charge-out our clients over the phone.

7) We continue to offer drop-off appointments as our kennel space allows, but there is an additional charge for this service.

8) We continue to offer the same services and great quality of care you're used to getting from us, just in a different way while we socially distance.  Even if your pet enters the office while you wait outside, you'll still get a chance to communicate with our staff and the veterinarian.

9) If you need to drop something off or pick something up, including your pet, call us from your car and our staff will come out to you.

10) We continue to use our online pharmacy, VetSource, to offer home delivery of your pet's food, supplies, and medications.  Purina products can be ordered for home delivery direct through our VetDirect link on our website.

11) Currently, the care we provide takes longer, since we have to communicate with owners who are not present during their pet's appointment.  Please be prepared for longer wait times and know that we appreciate your patience and kindness as we work to provide great care to your pet(s).

12) Only owners of pets who are scheduled for a drop-off, or owners of pets that are admitted to the hospital, may leave the premises after their pet is checked in.  If your pet is here for a regular appointment, we ask that you remain in the parking lot until your pet is done and ready to go home.  Owners who leave the premises slow our process down.  Animals left with us have to be put in a cage while we wait for their owners to return, and a "cage-use" fee will be added to the pet's invoice for the day.

We would like to remind everyone that currently it is not believed that pets are passing COVID-19 to other animals or to their owners.

For Emergencies and urgent matters, please call Vista Vet Specialists
at 916-231-4445.  They are open 24/7, and we refer all our patients there
when we are closed after-hours or on holidays.

We offer Laser Therapy!

We're excited to offer our clients Companion Laser Therapy.  Laser therapy provides a non-

imageinvasive, pain-free, surgery-free, and drug-free treatment option for pets that suffer from a variety of conditions.  Laser therapy can be performed in conjunction with existing treatment plans or all on its own.  Whether your pet is rehabilitating from trauma or injury, healing from wounds or surgery, or simply suffering from the pains and effects of aging, your pet can benefit from Laser therapy.  Please call our office today to see if Laser therapy would be appropriate for your pet.

We Offer Honeybee Veterinary Services -

In 2017 the FDA federally mandated that hobbyist and commercialbee keepers beekeepers would no longer be able to purchase antimicrobials over the counter. The mandate was part of the FDA’s reform on the way antimicrobials are used in food-producing animals. Honeybees are the only insect listed as a food-producing animal, so now bee-keepers need a veterinarian to manage the health of their hives and prescribe antibiotics.

Local beekeepers are in luck, because Dr. Kittel is a hobbyist apiarist. Familiar with honey bees, and experienced with his own hives, Dr. Kittel can provide expert veterinary care for any beekeeper in need of medical care and/or antibiotics for their hives and bees. Please call our office or send Dr. Kittel an email at [email protected] if you are interested in getting information about our honeybee veterinary care & services.

PetDesk - Our Pet Portal Communication Tool

We use PetDesk as our Pet Portal & Client Communication/Reminder system to communicate with our clients about our patients' health needs.  PetDesk allows us to communicate via email, text, and through a free app.  Using the app, clients will be able to schedule appointments, view/send their pet's medical care due dates, request prescription refills, order food, confirm appointments, and communicate with our staff.  Through the app, clients will also be able to enroll in our Loyalty Program which will allow them to accumulate points for every dollar spent, which they can later redeem towards other savings at our office (ie: free or discounted services).  For clients without access to text, email, or the PetDesk app, reminder postcards will still be mailed out notifying them when their pets are due for important health care services.  Click to download the free PetDesk app and be sure to enroll in our Loyalty Program!

Awards For KFVP

Business of the Year for 2011 - from The Elk Grove Citizen

Elk Grove Best in Business Award - Neighborhood Pioneer  2012 - from the City of Elk Grove

We would like to thank The Elk Grove Citizen and author Keri Wood, the City of Elk Grove, our clients, and all of the staff at KFVP for helping us to become the best that we can be! We look forward to finding new ways to exceed your expectations and give back to the community!

Pet Health Insurance

We strongly recommend pet insurance for all our patients.  If you'd like more information about pet health insurance, give our office a call!  While we recommend Trupanion and Embrace, our office accepts all types of pet insurance, and we'll even help you file claims and pre-authorization approvals no matter which pet insurance you have. 

At Kittel Family Veterinary Practice Inc., we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

- Dr. Dan Kittel, DVM

Kittel Family Veterinary Practice Inc.
8153 Elk Grove Blvd Ste 30
Elk Grove, CA 95758
(916) 714-5387


Read What Our Clients Say

  • "As always, everyone was amazing from the minute I opened
    the door to the moment I left. There is a reason I returned to Kittel Family Veterinary Practice after three years of not owning a pet, everyone is wonderful and very helpful."
    Chuck S.
  • "This is the first Vet my girls are not afraid of..very easy
    Agnes C.
  • "Dr Kittle has such a calm and patient way of dealing with us
    "parents", which instills confidence that the treatment our fur babies receive is exactly what's needed for their health."
    Cindy F.
  • "We always appreciate your caring, individual attention to our
    pets. We would never go anywhere else."
    Jen P.
  • "Staff is AMAZING! Very courteous, professional and seem to
    genuinely care about what they do. I can't explain how appreciative I am of KFVP."
    Jaime P.
  • "The team at Kittel Family Vet is always concerned that you
    fully understand what you need to do to give the proper care to your pet at home. Dr. Kittel is very patient and good at answering all the questions I ask."
    LeAnn L.

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