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SAAC Vouchers

Our hospital participates in the Sacramento Area Animal Coalition's spay/neuter and feral cat voucher programs. For more information on these voucher programs please call SAAC at 916-808-SPAY or visit Please see the lists below to determine which vouchers we are currently accepting and what our hospital policies are for the voucher patients we accommodate.


Feral Cat vouchers - accepted only if our hospital is designated as the clinic of choice

Vouchers designated for 95610, 95611, 95621, 95660, 95823 & 95828 zip codes - Sorry, but we do not accept these vouchers at this time due to our already impacted surgery schedule

Low-income vouchers for other zip codes and specifically Elk Grove - accepted before the expiration date on the voucher

KFVP's Voucher Policies:

All voucher surgery appointments must call ahead to schedule a surgery date and time, feral cats included - we do not accept walk-in surgeries not scheduled in advance.

All surgeries must be scheduled before the expiration date on the voucher - if we can not accommodate your pet by that date, but you still want to bring your pet to our hospital, we recommend you ask SAAC for an extension on the timeline (which they can grant for you).

We have a 16 week age minimum for all dog and cat vouchers - feral cats in traps are the only exception.

We have a 2 year age maximum for female dog vouchers - there is no age maximum for cats or male dogs.

All feral cats must be brought in trapped in humane traps and we recommend bringing an extra hard-plastic cat carrier for them to be placed in after surgery for recovery - no cardboard or soft carriers/boxes for feral cats.

We have a 50 Lb. maximum weight limit for dog vouchers.

We do not accept pregnant cats or dogs - feral cats in traps are the only exception.

Any dog or cat (even feral cats) coming in to our practice, voucher patient or not, must be free from fleas prior to surgery. If your pet has fleas, it WILL be given an oral "Capstar" tablet to kill the live fleas present - it makes no difference if your pet is already on flea control. This cost ($17-$24) is passed on to you at pick up time and can not be declined. If your want your pet to have its surgery here, you must authorize that this flea medication be given and accept the cost if we find fleas on your pet.

You must sign our hospital's surgical waiver and release at the time you drop off your pet as well as pay your co-pay as a deposit prior to surgery.

All payments for voucher patients must be cash or card - we do not accept checks.

Please understand that all our patients, even ones that come see us under the SAAC voucher program, are important to us. We make recommendations for all our patients' health based on their individual needs and lifestyles. Because of this, when you bring your pet in for surgery at our hospital, our staff and veterinarian will make recommendations for additional care he/she may need or benefit from. Any extra services and/or supplies you approve must be paid for in full at the time your pet is discharged (cash or card only).

Our recommendations for all our surgical patients, SAAC vouchers or not, include pre-surgical labwork as well as pain management. While these things may be included in our regular spay/neuter packages, they are not included in the cost of the SAAC voucher surgeries. However, we still recommend these services and give our clients the chance to approve them and pay for them in addition to the cost of the voucher co-pay.

Voucher certificates as well as any prior records your pet may have must be presented at the time of check-in in order for them to be considered and so we can make sure charges are billed for correctly.

Cats must come in 1 per carrier and dogs must be leashed or in carrying cases.

Please note, due to the fact that we are the only Elk Grove veterinary practice that accepts most types of SAAC spay/neuter vouchers, and because we see our regular clients and patients, our surgery schedule does get impacted at times and it may be a few weeks before we can schedule a voucher surgery appointment. We recommend you call to schedule an appointment in advance as soon as you receive your voucher.