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Community Involvement

Elk Grove Animal Services & World Rabies Day

KFVP is under contract with Elk Grove's Animal Services Department to provide veterinary care to animals picked up by animal services officers. We also provide spay/neuter services for the dogs up for adoption at local city events as well as cats receiving vouchers under the Feral Cat and Community Cat city programs. We are currently the only vet in Elk Grove accepting the city's 50% off spay/neuter vouchers for dogs and cats. In addition to these services, we have also hosted the city's World Rabies Day event every year since 2011; we have given free rabies vaccines and microchips to hundreds of animals in Sacramento County and the City of Elk Grove.

Petco Pets

Petco is dedicated to keeping their animals up for sale healthy!  KFVP has partnered with the Elk Grove Petco to look after any sick pocket pets in their store or recently sold to families.

Sacramento Area Animal Coalition (SAAC)

Since early 2011, just months after we opened, we have been teamed up with SAAC to be a participating member of their low-income and feral cat programs. If you are interested in using SAAC's program for your pet or for feral cats in your neighborhood, visit them at  We are currently the only veterinary hospital in Elk Grove participating in both programs, so our appointments for voucher surgeries fill up fast!  SAAC is also the organization that puts together the local "Spay Day" efforts, which we participate in annually.

Spay Day

KFVP is proud to have participated in every local Spay Day effort since February 2011, just 4 months after we opened for business.  We feel this is an important community service project aimed at reducing the number of unwanted/homeless cats and dogs; we see the value this event has for our community. For more information on registration, go to

Work Experience / R.O.P. / FFA

KFVP enjoys working with Elk Grove's youth interested in the field of veterinary medicine and participating in one of our local high school's ROP or work experience programs.  Aside from providing a place for these teenagers to volunteer, Dr. Dan has volunteered his own hours reaching out to local middle school and high schools speaking to students and hopefully encouraging some interest in the field of veterinary medicine as a career.

Community Involvement-Guest Speaking

Since just months after KFVP's opening in 2010, Dr. Dan has visited local schools addressing students about veterinary medicine and what it takes to become a veterinarian. Whether he's participating in a career fair, lecturing a high school science class, or just being your average class's guest speaker, Dr. Dan understands it's important to inspire youth and encourage them on a career path early.

Veterinary Technician Intern Programs

Partnering with veterinary technician programs (like the ones at Carrington College and CRC) is a great way to give students a place to gain clinical experience through interning at our hospital.

Sheldon 4H Rabbit Club

The Sheldon 4H bunny group met at our hospital for a fun and informative meeting. What a great group of diverse rabbit breeds and wonderful owners!  KFVP is open to hosting other 4H groups in the future - please call or email us if you are interested in having a meeting at our office.

Girl Scouts

KFVP is happy to host tours and Q&A's for Girl Scout Troops. Troops that have already come in have learned a lot and have really enjoyed the experience. Call or email us if you're interested!